2011 Topps Heritage Checklist and Overview

2011 Topps Heritage

Scheduled Release Date: March 17th, 2011

2011 Topps Heritage Checklist

The 2011 Topps Heritage set is designed after the 1962 Topps set, with the wood color framing around the pictures.  The base set included 500 veterans and rookies, with 75 of the cards being short prints.  Each hobby box should contain one autograph or relic card per box.

Among the base set you will find the following subsets:

  • Short Prints (75 cards)
  • Sporting News All-Stars (24 cards)
  • Team Cards (18 cards)
  • Combo Cards (11 cards)
  • In Action (9 cards)
  • Rookie Parade (8 cards)
  • World Series Highlighs (6 cards)
  • League Leaders (4 cards)

The chrome set is 100 cards and each card is serial numbered out of 1962.  Refractors are numbered out of 562 and black border refractors are numbered out of 62.

The four main insert sets are back in 2011:

  • New Age Performers (15 cards)
  • Then and Now (10 cards)
  • Baseball Flashbacks (10 cards)
  • News Flashbacks (10 cards)

As usual, there will be pleny of relic cards to be found in the 2011 Topps Heritage set:

  • Clubhouse Collection – Current stars and past greats.  Each card has a game used piece of bat or jersey.
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics – A current player and a 1962 player from the same team, each with a relic.  Hand numbered out of 61.
  • Flashbacks – Each card features a highlight from 1962, and a piece of a seat from that stadium.
  • Dual Flashbacks – Two players from rival teams.  Two stadium seat relics.  Hand numbered out of 10.

Everyone loves autographed cards, and there is a great lineup of current stars and Hall of Famers in the 2011 Topps Heritage autograph set:

  • Real One Autographs – Current stars and past greats.  Cards are signed in blue ink.
  • Real One Special Edition Autographs – Same players as the regular Real One Auto’s, but signed in red ink and hand numbered out of 62.
  • Real One Dual Autographs – These feature a current player and a retired player, with a signature from each.  Hand numbered out of 25 and hobby exclusive.
  • Flashbacks – Highlighs from the 1962 season, with a signature from the player depicted.  Hand numbered out of 25.
  • 1962 Cut Signatures – One of one cut signature cards from some of the all time greats.

What’s better than an autographed Topps Heritage card?  An autographed relic Topps Heritage card, and the 2011 set has three different kinds of auto relic cards:

  • Clubhouse Collection Auto Relics – An autographed card featuring a game used piece of bat or jersey.  Hand numbered out of 25.
  • Clubhouse Collection Dual Auto Relics – These cards have a current player and a retired player from the same team.  Hand numbered out of ten and exclusively found in hobby packs.
  • Flashback Auto Relics – Highlights from the 1962 season, with the cards having both a signature from the player and a piece of a stadium seat from that venue.  Hand numbered out of 25.

The major new addition for the 2011 Topps Heritage set is the ’62 Mint insert set.  This is a hobby exclusive set, and the cards show up at a rate of one per case!  Each card contains a coin minted in the year 1962.  You can find the following coins in the set:

  • Penny – Happy Birthday cards
  • Nickel – Rookie Debut cards
  • Dime – Personal History cards
  • Quarter – Baseball Highlight cards
  • Silver Dollar – Baseball Hall of Fame Induction cards

Topps Stamp cards return for the second year.  Each stamp card will feature two players, like it did last year and each card is numbered out of 62.  Hobby packs also give you the chance to find a buyback original Topps player stamp from the 1962 set.

Hobby boxes will contain box toppper bonus cards in four varieties:

  • Ad Panels – Three players per panel, just like the past few years.
  • Baseball Bucks – Mock currency featuring baseball players.
  • Stamp Albums – These are replicas of pages from the original 1962 Topps Stamp Album.
  • Buybacks – Original cards from 1962 that have been embossed with the Topps logo.

Topps Heritage is a favorite with collectors, and this should be another great set!

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